Notable Characteristics of a Competent Nurse

Since it has been founded as a profession the nursing profession has taken a revolutionary change from its humble roots and now as a branch of real science and allied health professions. One of the most notable change is the gender equality on the field of nursing as a profession.

There was a time when they only accept women in their ranks, now they have men in their ranks and they are as competent as their female counterparts, and they are also utilized in their departments since there are cases that men are needed for their capacity to restrain or lift heavy equipment on the job. Another notable change is the upgrading of nursing training and curriculum that is most likely science-based as opposed to its humble roots. Here as some notable characteristics of a contemporary competent nurse.

Heart to Service

One thing that gets developed during the time of training is the heart for service. A Nurse is always a nurse whether they are on-duty or not. They will always be one of those people who help and aid other who are in need.

Nurses are even known in their areas to be a consultant to medicines that will be taken and prescribed by their doctors.  Their heart to service does not end on their work shift but even in their community as well. Their dedication to their profession has led them to find a vocation in helping others especially in terms of health and wellness.

Completed Training

A nurse can be considered one if they have complete3d the training of such. There are different trainings schools and different approaches around the world as to how to become one, but in the end it all boils down to being a licensed nurse, and in almost all countries they require their nurses to be a fully licensed and duly registered one, that is to ensure competence and security for their patients. Nursing course in Melbourne for example are one of the best examples of a training that produces competent nurses not just locally but internationally.


Nurses should also be diligent. No nurse should be caught slacking off during their shift. One of the most critical tasks for a nurse is that they should be the ones who will monitor their patients, thus it is important for them to stay awake and keep watch especially with their patients who are in unstable conditions. Vitals signs and other procedures must be done, checked, and administered thoroughly.

Even medicine that are to be given by the nurse that was prescribed by the doctors must be checked by the nurse to see if it is given and administered on the right person and the right time with the correct dosage. This diligence requires a nurse to also be sociable to their patients and their families in order to do their tasks well and do it efficiently.

Nursing is a profession that is not for everybody, aside from the fact that it requires special trainings and education as well, it also needs to be in match with one’s passion and personality to begin with.


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