Caring for horses is a necessity

Horse riding can be a sport and a fun activity both. Horses run in their maximum speed when they are competing. During a sport even the riders try their maximum to make the horse ride faster not thinking about the damages that can be caused to the horses’ legs. It’s very important to protect the legs of horses it bears the whole body weight of the horse and the rider. Protection the legs and ankles of horses are a vital part of horse care.

There are different protective equipments which are specially designed for the protection of horse legs. There can be boots, wraps, and bandages and so on. The most commonly used are boots because they protect the hoofs of the horses which is more prone to damage.

Types of protective equipments

Bell boots: these are type of commonly used boots. Also known as overreach boots used for horses which overreach most oftenly. They cover the whole ankle protecting the pastern of the horse foot. Used commonly for harsh surfaces and for protection for horses when jumping and improper landing.

Split boots: protects injuries of horses for during exercise and training. Protection of the ankles if the leg is stroked towards the opposite leg. Has to be proper fit, I’ll fitted boots can be uncomfortable and cause soreness to the legs. Should be removed after the exercise or training or it can be uncomfortable for the horse. It’s more prone to accumulation of water and dirt so should

Polowraps: these are also known as bandages. These can be wrapped in the legs of horses for protection against injuries. These support and protect lower legs and tendons of horses. Also can be used for medical purposes to protect wounds and support damaged ligaments or tendons. It provides warmth for the horseslegs and it’s good for horses riding in cold environments. Should be wrapped appropriately, I’ll wrapped bandages can cause soreness or frictional rubs. This can increase the damage.

Medical boots: these are used for therapeutic purpose. Using these for increased performances and good for protection of horses. There are many types of boots used for different types of medical needs. There is frozen, magnetic and heating medical boots. Mostly used to reduce soreness. These properties like heat and cold decrease inflammation in the applied location and improve soreness and facilitate recover process. Specifically used for problems with tendons and joints. Used in horses after a ride or excessive training.

Open front boots: Made of hard shell. It is good for absorption and good support. They are used by riders of all types of riding, for example riding in harsh environments. When jumping there is a high risk for protection againststriking of front legs from hind legs. Mainly for protection of tendons of lower legs.

The types of boots can be selected according to the type or ride and the requirements of horse. Different types of horses can have different types of problems. Selecting the best boots and the correct fit for the horse is essential.


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