Dos and Don’ts of social media

Everyone in today’s society is competing with each other for a spot in the social media feed. Bear in mind, however, that whatever you post may and will be utilized either for your benefit or even against you on social media.

When it comes to the branding of your company on social media, the question then becomes how you can guarantee that your followers and consumers are having a positive experience on your profile. As you try to develop your brand and broaden your social network, it is important to keep the following list of dos and don’ts in mind at all times. If you want some help with your branding,make sure to check out branding geelong

Don’t Just Sell. Do you like being harassed by the aggressive salesperson who stalks you around the shop or vehicle lot and tries to get you to purchase everything that’s for sale from him even if you don’t need it? No, nobody does. Therefore, refrain from acting like a pushy marketer on social media. People do not sign in to their personal social media accounts with the expectation of being inundated with regular sales pitches about your company, despite the fact that your social networks are a terrific way to display what it is that you have to offer. They WILL ignore what you have to say, or they will just stop following you completely.

Regarding creating brand awareness on social media, we advise following the 80/20 rule: 80 percent material that is useful, created by a third party, user-generated, or based on value, and 20 percent content that is branded and showcases a product or service. If you write on a regular basis, if your blog delivers value, and if your blog does not push sales, then you can consider that content to be part of the 80%

Provide Value. Returning to that 80 – 20 rule… So, what exactly does it mean for material to be considered “valuable”? Consider the kind of client or customer you want to attract and ask yourself: what do they value? In what sorts of things, both general and specific, may they be interested? It is not necessary for there to be a clear connection to your company or the product you are selling; rather, it should be intriguing to the people who are reading your content.

Keep in mind that the individuals in question are always active on social media, but you shouldn’t expect them to be prepared and wanting to make a purchase every single day. You need to get their attention and keep it so that if they decide to make a purchase at some point in the future, your product or service will be at the top of the agenda of options.

Try to interact with your audience. It’s crucial to always track your post interaction while developing a company profile and to always reply. Digital network is a two-way street, so if you really want people to keep following you and participating with your material, you need to do the same for them. Additionally, this is a fantastic approach to getting to understand your customer so that you can modify your material moving ahead.


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