How to Encourage Learning from a Young Age

Children’s brains start developing from a young age and they need sufficient stimulation so they can learn from their environment and caregivers. Learning and play can be intertwined so that babies are able to understand core concepts easier.

Warm and engaging relationships are crucial for the strong development of babies and you play a vital role in providing this. There are also centres for daycare Sunshine Coast that will have certified caregivers on board to provide the right education and stimulation for your child. So in addition to what you are providing them with at home, you will be able to build up their ability to form relationships with other children and adults by getting them used to a daycare centre. Much of what babies and young children learn is gleaned through exploration and play. So you need to create a stimulating environment where they feel safe to explore.    The interactions they have with you, family members, caregivers, other children etc. form the foundation for their development and this is crucial in building healthy relationships with other people.

You need to make sure that your child is provided sufficient opportunity to engage with their environment. This can be done by allowing them to observe things whether it is the day to day activities that you carry out or what is going on outside. They learn a lot from what they see and hear so even the most mundane activities can provide stimulation to them. For example, if there is construction activity going on in your vicinity, you can take them to the vicinity and allow them to witness how the machinery and construction workers work together to accomplish a task. You can let them watch and join in when possible when you are preparing food. Good communication is essential when they are little so expose them to many languages and situations so they get a broader experience.

Think about the sounds that are in your house. You can let them listen to singing and they will also follow suit. Babies love music and you can get them used to different music styles from a young age as well as different noises. You can choose books to read and read out loud to the child. Point to the pictures that are in the book and create an engaging story by changing your voice and making impressions of the people and animals in the story. This will get them interested in the story and it is a great foundation in creating a love of books and reading. Different activities can also give them different experiences and opportunities to learn. You can look for indoor and outdoor activities for them to engage in. It is best to have a combination of structured and free play. It is always a good idea to show and tell as this is how they learn. But make sure that you don’t provide them with all the answers. They will understand certain concepts better when they make mistakes and learn things on their own. And as a parent you need to encourage them to explore and understand their environment by giving praise and support.


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