Depression is not the new trend. There is a lot more to it than what you see.

As the modern world gets upgraded and develops fast. The physical and mental health of people keeps deteriorating. As the technology advances, the life becomes easier and expensive. Everyone wants to have the latest technology with them. It is a trend to have the most expensive things. Large amount of the population cannot afford these expensive lifestyles. But everyone intends to be in trend, so they try to work hard and set higher goals.

Setting goals which we can’t achieve practically can cause a huge amount of stress. Also, working hard without any rest can cause increased workload to the brain and cause problems with nervous system. The sleep time has incredibly reduced in the current generation. Without getting a sound sleep, it can affect the brain more and more. Talking about the food, fast food restaurants are cheaper than eating a healthy meal. Not having a healthy diet is another risk factor for increase disorders with the brain. All of these issues can cause depression.

Prevention is always better than cure. The major risk factor of depression next to genetic predisposition is stress. Avoiding stress and knowing how to manage stress can be a great way to avoid depression and other related disorders. People get help from professional only when a disease gets worse, or then they can no longer live with it. Everyone should be encouraged to get professional help like life coach brisbane to manage their daily stress.

All of these are modifiable factors. When these are managed correctly it is capable of giving a great positive outcome. If not managed, there can be very dangerous complications. Disorders related to brain and mind has to be managed before something terrible happens. Depression may lead to narcotic or alcohol abuse. Which is able to lead to many other physical disorders.

Depression is the most common mental health problem worldwide which leads to suicide in most number of people.

Symptoms of depression can be;

Hopelessness; perception of life is always hopeless

Worthlessness; lacks self-confidence and hates themselves

Loss of interest; losing everything in life. Not finding happiness in what once found happiness

Decreased libido; losing interest in sex.

Fatigue; the main reason people don’t feel like doing anything is because of fatigue.

Sleeping disorders; insomnia and also decreased time and quality of sleep. It can also be oversleeping in some people.

Mood swings; can be happy and then sad the next moment

Change of appetite; some may have increased appetite and some may have loss of appetite, can vary from individual to individual.

Weight changes; some can lose weight extremely or some may gain weight. It depends on how it affects the appetite.

Anxiety; can be a typical symptom of depression.

Irritability; most commonly seen in men.

Guilty; feels guilty of everything that happens around him

Lack of concentration; it is very hard to make decisions or focus on something.

Escapist behavior; more prone to substance abuse, harsh driving or dangerous sports.

Making a routine of consulting life coaches when there are challenges in life, then and there is essential. This can reduce the number of cases of depression worldwide.


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