Moving with Your Teen to Queensland

Queensland is one of the most populated states in Australia. It’s famous for the Sunshine Coast and metro areas like Brisbane where property prices are half that in Sydney or Melbourne. Most people move to the area to enjoy a glitzy life or spend all day in the sun. Moving with your teen to Queensland would be a different experience than relocating on your own.

The province offers many amenities and attractions for families. However, inter-generational interests may play a role here. Here are several tips that will help you move to Queensland with a teen without causing a fuss:

Choose the Best Area to Move to

Queensland has many excellent suburbs to accommodate families. Despite what some may believe, the coastal, beach areas are not the only fancy places to take up residence. Queensland is one of the few provinces where the “Outback” is nice to live at as the golden beaches.

Your teen might want to live on the coast, known to be paradise for surfers with many social activities young people like. Parents might prefer the quieter and leafier neighbourhoods away from the coast. The family can sit down and decide the type of suburb to move to. Living in Queensland beach house it the dream, but prices and differing interests may get in the way.

Decide on Schooling Options

One of the most important factors that decide where you should live in Queensland would depend on the academic opportunities for your children. You may want to move depending on school choices available. Or you can decide the area and then look up the best Sunshine Coast high schools your teen might like.

As your child is older now, you can decide the best place for them to go to school together. Get their input as well to soften the blow of having to leave their friends behind. Parents might want to consider university choices as well. Some might prefer to live closer to a university where kids might eventually attend.

Consider Lifestyle Amenities

Lifestyle in Queensland doesn’t vastly differ from the rest of Australia. However, you will get plenty of access to beaches and sunshine. The region doesn’t experience any winter. Living by the coast can feel like a forever vacation.

The amenities your family might desire—such as parks, playgrounds, libraries, fitness centres, and so on—can be found in just about an decent suburb or rental area. If you live in a city, you would have easy access to parks, gyms, and the like. However, some residential areas may offer better amenities compared to others.

Get Ready for the Heat and Humidity

Queensland is not known as a wintry province by any means. You will have to get used to the heat and humidity present throughout the year. Humidity levels are high in the summer, when it can rain constantly. Preparing for the weather would be part of the moving process, especially with teens who may not adapt as quickly as smaller children.

Last but not least, prepare your teen emotionally for the move. The teen would have to leave friends behind and adapt to a new and rather unfamiliar environment. Even if some aspects of the move would be exciting, parents should expect to help teens cope with it psychologically.

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